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We provide Basic through Advanced Handgun and Self Defense Training and have been providing firearms training in the state since 1979 through the Idaho Hunter Education Program. We have had many requests for firearms training that would qualify for Concealed Carry Weapons permits and now provide the training needed to qualify for the Idaho permit. NRA certified instruction is available for qualified students. Training will be provided in basic handgun skills as well as advanced training in personal protection. Upon completion of the course requirement the student will be qualified to apply for their Idaho State concealed weapons permit. The classes are kept small for more one-on-one training and each course will provide 4 to 6 hours of range shooting. Students will complete the course with a thorough knowledge of handgun safety and shooting skills.  

Below is an overview of the Basic / Advanced Course Requirements:

Sendero Tactical Outfitters, LLC

Basic / Advanced Firearms Training Course

Course Requirements

Participants will be trained to handle, load, fire, and return their firearm to a safe condition. Training is based on the skill level of the participant and no previous training is expected or required. Each student will train at their own pace and skill level.

Students are encouraged to bring their personal firearm to the class however a firearm is not required to participate in this class as there will be firearms available for students use. The course of study will address choosing the best firearm for you. Form, fit and function are all important qualities to consider when choosing a firearm and a variety of firearms will be displayed and presented. 

A safe training environment is maintained by certified NRA instructors. Marksmanship skills will be taught as well as safety in personal awareness. Personal firearms must be surrendered at the door for inspection and chamber check. Do not bring ammunition with your firearm until instructed to do so. No live ammunition will be allowed in the classroom with the presence of firearms.

On range day please dress appropriately. The firing range is outside and requires long pants and closed toe and back footwear. A sunshade is provided but the shooting line is outside the protection of the shade. Sunscreen and hats are encouraged. Stay hydrated to avoid sun stroke and a snack is suggested to maintain energy levels.

Cost of a single course of study is $55.00 per student. In addition, a 50 round box of ammunition for your selected firearm will be required on range day. Hearing and eye protection will be provided. The basic course is 8 hours in length and the Personal Protection in the Home course is 10 hours in length. Both courses require range firing.

Please attend with anticipation of a positive training experience.

This course is provided through Sendero Tactical Outfitters, LLC. and is certified as Basic pistol and/or Personal Protection in the Home. Successful completion of the course will provide the student with a certificate required by the State of Idaho for concealed carry course certification.

Sendero Tactical Outfitters, LLC will provide training at your site or at our location. We take great pleasure in providing stress-free handgun training. Courses are ongoing and consist of gender specific or co-ed classes. The course training is non-competitive and students can learn at their own pace.